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Casandra awards are in conflict

posted on: Aug 6 2012 7:1 by RDugey. Viewed 415 times.

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The Cassandra

is now in conflict. The family of the deceased folklorist Cassandra Damiron warned that the Association of art critics (Acroarte) now no longer used that name for the awards that for 27 years is held in his honor.

"Have taken the decision to withdraw the authorization so that the name of our mother continue being used as part of the ceremony known as Casandra awards or the Cassandra", indicates the family in a statement called "The sovereign", and directed to domestic public opinion (see the full publication on page 5 of this section).

The document, signed by Noboa Luisa Rivera Damiron, José e. Rivera Damiron and Andrew j. Moreta Damiron, points out that the decision was notified to Acroarte officially and by legal act, on July 26.

the main argument is that the awards comes away in the last two deliveries of the rules that "have governed the award in terms of its content and raison d ' être". What objects the Damiron family include "the absence of the plurality of genres that characterized the show, the delivery cheerful prizes international short history and artists sometimes indicated in cases of moral conduct questioned him remaining value" the Cassandra.

Also referred to the family, with special emphasis, is the presence of Cassandra Damiron in the artistic gala held in the Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito has been disappearing.

Presence of the folklorist
according to them, always used to project a biographical sketch, or inspired in his artistic life segment, "which in a systematic way and despite our claims, has been disappearing, depriving future generations learn about the work she performed".

Addition, the family complains about its role and place the day of the Awards ceremony that "was systematically being relegated to uncomfortable positions that we believe do not deserve".

Is also critical that the classical area categories as theatre, dance, choreography, audiovisual production and the locutoril class have been relegated or excluded from the main event, generating "discontent and absence" in an important segment of our artistic class.

On the other hand, are noted, have been more important street music genres, "which still represent the mood of the moment in which we live, necessarily are not neither the best nor the only artistic representation of what we".

In past installments, "traditional, formal, popular and modern have coexisted in perfect harmony, defining who we are as a country and as a race... with relevance and clarity that what has been lost!".


refers from 2010 is insisting on the issue raised before Acroarte and the national brewery Dominican unless have done you case.

As a result of the penultimate show, indicates the Damiron family, at a meeting was promised the inclusion in an upcoming issue of the award "a biographical piece for television inspired by our mother, which never occurred".

Was on 13 March when the family understood that the award "was no longer our own, so we decided to make our approaches even more decisive and formal way".

Was as they handed over a document to Acroarte and since then met several times with the President of Acroarte, maximum Jiménez, both a designated Committee of past Presidents to treat the case.

Family also met with the President of the León Jimenes group and the President of the Dominican national brewery. To date, holding, more than four months for the approaches to Acroarte and "more than one month to establish a consensus with the Commission-designate, the situation remains the same, knowing that we see the need that the corrective measures to be implemented in the forthcoming".

( )
the origins of the
tribute country Awards:
after attending the funeral of Cassandra Damiron, died December 5, 1983, the chronicler of art Carlos Cepeda Suriel visited the wave music station, where his colleague Carlos T. Martinez led the program "Panorama Farandulero y Algo Más", and told him the plan which had devised: awards to honor the work of Dominican artists, on behalf of the women who both admired. According to Martinez, dozens of listeners responded to the call live Cepeda, supporting the proposal. And began to run the machinery to celebrate the first Casandra awards.

First GALA.In the first version of the Cassandra, in April 1985, with twelve lines, gave the sovereign was awarded to teacher Luis Rivera (husband of Cassandra). Transmitted by Telesistema.

Prime sponsorship: Damiron family recalls that the award was born and grew in its early years thanks to the support of Miguel Barceló and Barceló & amp; Company, "who never is he has has recognized the merit of having believed and backed that projected in their first and most difficult years".

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