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Dominican Republic raises child Constitution to empower children

posted on: Feb 11 2013 2:0 by RDugey. Viewed 4027 times.

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With colorful children's figures that embody judges or legislators and with very simple language the Dominican Republic has turned in a child to raise awareness about rights and duties Constitution promoting their children, many of them in conditions of vulnerability.

The work, published by the Chamber of Deputies, in 148 articles collects most of the 277 of the Constitution promulgated in January 2010, but adapted to a language of easy assimilation, which binds the conceptual and the visual, "a resource infallible in the education of children," said in an interview with Efe its author, educator, and Dominican writer Dulce Castellanos Vargas.

In this way the Dominican Republic goes to swell, according to the local Professor, the short list of countries of the region that has a child Constitution: Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru.

"Through this Constitution the" "children will understand why (there is) a social State, a democratic State and the rule of law", argued Castellanos Vargas.

The origin of this version of the Dominican Constitution arises, according to its ideologist, "of the concern that had the children to know what were their prerogatives and what were their rights and what were their duties as citizens".

This work is "really effective (because) the child must not overwhelm it with a number of ideas you do not understand, but be summed up the most important thing", therefore, added Vargas Castellanos, in the book not listed 277 articles of the original Constitution, but 15 titles in which it is divided.

Your publication is the result of an agreement between the Chamber of Deputies and the local television program 'Live children', Vargas produced more than twenty years in the province of Santiago, 155 kilometers to the North of Santo Domingo.

The first Edition, which have been printed 35,000 copies, the Chamber of Deputies expected to add a further 100,000 second, though, as the author admits, this figure is still not enough if one takes into account the student population of minors in the country, surpassing two million.

However, recognizes, the objective "is not releasing work by launching it but that this serves as a guarantee for compliance with the prerogatives and rights of children" and "as a protection of what you should expect from the State and this, in turn, of its citizens".

Accordingly, notes that the creation of a Committee of different State entities that follow up to the fulfillment of the work which, in his view, is "authentic" and "modern" is "urgent" and will mark a before and an after in the Dominican children.

"The powers of the State have to put in the mystique of constitutional literacy awareness", underlined.

Recent data from the United Nations Fund for children (Unicef) revealed that the significant growth that has managed the Dominican economy in recent years has not been enough to improve the situation of its children and adolescents in areas the Caribbean country poorer.

These inequalities are reflected, according to the Agency, in the high infant mortality rate (32 per 1000 live births against 23 of the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean) while 98 per cent of births are assisted by qualified personnel.

In addition, the low attendance rate to secondary education, which is 52 percent in adolescents and 37% in adolescents, as well as the proliferation of abuse, sexual exploitation, trafficking and trafficking of girls, boys and adolescents.

And while Vargas Castellanos says that the nation "many positive things were being made" in favor of children in situation of risk, stresses the need to empower children so that they can fight for their rights.

"To the extent that you have a people aware of their rights, in that same measure will produce changes", said. EFE

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