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Group beat neighbours in Sosua

posted on: Oct 20 2012 14:0 by RDugey. Viewed 4933 times.

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German Peter Demetrick, who died last Wednesday during a clash dead with agents of the national police, took place in the resort the Mulata III, Sosua, and countryman Peter Brunk, whom a court in Puerto Plata sent him to detention for three months, had problems with most of its neighbors, because these spy them cameras and many had been lodged against him in the Prosecutor's Office by physical and verbal aggression.

The port of Puerto Plata Prosecutor confirmed that two foreigners would have been required in the month of August due to complaints lodged against him by neighbors, but not appeared and that on the basis of reports and data that contributed many aggrieved people began to track their movements.

In the landscape the mulatto live just three families Dominican, because most have sold their properties to foreigners, mainly Germans, Russian, Italian, Canadian, which have built luxurious villas and cabins where they live in extreme privacy.

Police agents have been stationed at the entrance of the complex and do not allow journalists or individuals input, at least non-representatives of the Public Ministry and security agencies investigating the case.

However, Dominicans working in tourist villages of the Mulata, and others who live in the area, said that both the dead and the three to which known measures of coercion did not social life in the area and that few people were aware of them.

"He sometimes saw that the mulatto went and entered armoured vehicles, including an ambulance, but we didn't know who it was, because the crystals were dark and that people did not share with anyone, not even in restaurants and bars were seen overnight," said Sixto Sarita, a motoconcho which has its base at the entrance It gives access to the luxurious resorts and cabins that exists in the landscape"

A worker from one of the villages adjacent to the Germans, identified by authorities as members of a dangerous religious cult operating in Europe, which reside said these people were violent and that were wrong with the neighbors and why some have their real estate for sale".

"No one dared to park near where you lived;" "not even you could look there and they watched people with cameras and these are things that bother them to foreigners," said the worker, who preferred to keep his name anonymous for security reasons.

The missionary Jorge Llibre Beard stated that many foreigners, most Russian, Jewish, German, Canadian, and other Nations, living in Sosua and there engaged in hazardous activities and that infringe on the culture of the country.

"Almost no one knows what the lives of these people, because they come from their" "countries, they purchase properties here, built luxurious mansions in the hills and live in an alien underworld completely to the Dominican Republic ', said.

Yesterday, the Court of permanent attention of Puerto Plata sent to prison for one year, as a measure of coercion, the German Peter Brunk, pointed out as the ringleader of the cult religious and responsible for most of the weapons, and his son Daniel.

At another hearing, who knew that Court, Solubey Isabella Ditrick Bösen, the wife of the dead German, he was issued interim three months, while the public prosecutor's Office had requested one-year measure.

Father and sons refused to belong to a dangerous religious cult, and the weapons that seized them wore them legal permits granted by the Dominican authorities and that some were even to sports practices.

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