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The Rose of Bayahibe, our national flower

posted on: Jul 17 2011 20:52 by RDugey. Viewed 6417 times.

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It belongs to the cactus family and is one of the few cactus leaves, reaching up to six meters high, is endangered, is endemic in the area of ​​Bayahibe and, since last Wednesday, July 13, Dominican Republic's national flower.

With the enactment of Law 146-11, declaring the Bayahibe Rose and the national flower and tree mahogany Dominican Republic, authorities echoed an advocacy and conservation for many decades the National Botanical Garden, proponent of this proposed legislation.

The Pereskia quisqueyana was discovered in 1977 by French botanist Alain Liogier in Bayahibe, today the borough of La Altagracia province, and declared a new species for science in 1980.

After years of research and exploration found only male specimens (male flowers), so that the reproduction of the plant must be made by cutting or stake, said Brigido Peguero, Exploration Manager of Taxonomy and the National Botanical Garden.

"We had really nice flowers but not fruits, and thus could not initiate sexual reproduction. Initially, people cut them because they just might stay thorns that were in the church of Bayahibe. For a long time were playing in their natural area and here in the Botanical and many people have in their homes, also many hotels in Bayahibe, Bavaro and Uvero High adopters and reproduced, "he says.

A sad situation
Five years ago appeared the female plants the rose of Bayahibe in a secluded area of ​​coastline in the village. Fortunately, says Peguero, found them and started blooming and the expected frutificadas sexual reproduction to ensure their genetic variability. Despite speaking with the person who owned the place understood about the importance of plant science, the specimens were cut.

"We think that perhaps to avoid a problem for fear that the area declared protected area or land which they intervene," said Peguero.

The Botanical then intensified their campaign of conservation among the community and hotels.

"If before a plant that nobody wanted to know her, which was confined to those few individuals in the church, now they plant as an emblem of the community. The hotels take care of it and have played enough. "

The national flower
Why choose national flower plant known only by the population that requires special care for breeding and is confined to a single area in its natural state?

"Just because a plant is unique in the world that only exists here. Her sisters, of Pereskia are in other places but this plant in its natural environment only in the country. One of the rarest cactus because it has leaves, has a pretty flower and a plant that is endangered and that was on the verge of collapse. All these considerations led us to pose as the national flower, "says Peguero.

In any case, it is the biologist botanist, it is essential that people not only know this plant but the care, keep and extend their cultivation.

The plant can be grown anywhere with the right environment. Although you need water, the soil should be saturated. Whether on land or pot, plant it in soil Peguero recommended that when the roots to penetrate to find where to anchor, place stones or gravel for the water to drain. The plant blooms from reaching the 1.5 to 2 meters, has two blooms a year, usually in the early months of the year and at other times.

Persons wishing to purchase a copy, there are available at reasonable price in the nursery of the National Botanical Garden.

The only known population of pink Bayahíbe (eight copies) is around the old church of the coastal community.

The genus Pereskia (neotropical origin) there are 17 species, including five in the country. Usually found in areas of precipitation and therefore have leaves, they do not need to retain as much water as cacti very dry areas. The pink Bayahíbe resembles pink Bánica.

In Bayahibe call chele bush because the fruit is in a form of coin, which indicates that the community did know Bayahíbe female populations of the plant.

The petals of the flower usually measure 2.2 centimeters long.

The Rose of Bayahibe, which replaces the flower of mahogany as the national flower, will appear in new editions of paper currency.

Alain Liogier died in 2009 at age 93. Lived in Texas.

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