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Various sectors support construction of the Road San Juan-Santiago

posted on: Feb 10 2013 14:1 by RDugey. Viewed 4051 times.

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Representatives of the Catholic Church, the National Congress, the Government and various organizations of the North and South regions met yesterday in this city to proclaim its support for the construction of the Road San Juan Santiago, that would unite the two most important agricultural areas of the country.

Gathered in the premises of the Association of producers of that town, attendees adopted a proclamation, which was read at the ceremony, where it is stated that this work is of high interest to trade, culture and eco-tourism in the country.

The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Santiago, Ramón de la Rosa and Carpio; and the Bishops of the Diocese of San Juan, José Dolores Grullón; and Barahona, Felipe Núñez, led the activity.

For this work the Executive Branch included a game of 345 million dollars in the project of law General budget, corresponding to 2013.

This road It would begin in the calle Anacaona of this city and would pass by Juan de Herrera, the dam of Sabaneta, in this province, to the community of El Rubio, in San José de las Matas and finally in Santiago de los Caballeros.

To make the presentation of the project, the engineer Juan Tejeda explained that this work would only entail the construction of 80 km one-way since the other sections of the road are already built and will only need repair because they are in very bad conditions.

He stated that the hydrographic sources will not be affected because it will only be by the rivers San Juan and the Magua bridges will be built on existing.

In addition, he added, away from the area that is known as the "mother of waters", where the most important rivers of the country are born.

To ensure that it will be a profitable project, said that it envisages compensatory, such as care and planting works of trees.

proclamation of support
representatives of the Northwest line, Cibao and the South and organizations of civil society, unions, legislators, city councils and Governors supported the proclamation.

The activity included words of support from the Mayor, Hanoi Sanchez, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies, Lucía Medina; Carlos Fondeur President of the strategic Council of Santiago (PES); Juan Villegas, of the Evangelical Fellowship and Orlando Reyes, of the provinces of the Northwest line, who asked to be added an alternative so that it includes these provinces.

Also: Freddy Perez, Fundasur, Francisco Caraballo, comprehensive agricultural mission; Deputy David Herrera, who stressed that all political parties are supporting him.

Also, the geologist Osiris De León, and ended with the words of thanks from former Senator Ramón de la Rosa, who was defined as one of the mentors of the project, together with President Danilo Medina, native of this province.

attended the event, the Senators Félix Bautista, San Juan; Orlando Mercedes, independence; Eddy Mateo, Barahona and deputies, Governors and mayors in these provinces.Also their counterparts in Santiago and the provinces that make up the Northwest line. Also from, residents elsewhere the country.

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Work BENEFICIARIA to more than 4 million

President of the ETUC said that this route will serve to unite the two main areas of agricultural production, which build up a population of over 4 million people and contribute to the Treasury an estimated the 35.0% of the national budget.

He announced that this is the first activity in support of a cycle, which will continue with another in Santiago de los Caballeros.

Lucía Medina said that Congress is waiting for this project to become law as soon as arrive.

He said that the road removed 500 kilometers that separate it from Santiago to reduce it to 140 km.

While Ramón de la Rosa proclaim: "This is not a whim of a President, but a demand for two regions and a town it".

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